How to Add Watermark to Your Access Reports

This article explains the steps to add watermarks in your MS Access reports.

Watermarks are an essential element for any organization. It prevents people from using your company reports and other accessible information and present in under their own name illegally. Adding Watermark In Your Access Reports

Most organizations spend a good amount of resources and time in coming up with a well-designed structured report. They ensure to serve the purpose of the reports by including meaningful and significant information in them. And all of this hardship can go to waste if the user doesn’t insert a company watermark in the report. Anyone with the access to these reports can make copies of your company information and sell it in under his/her name.

Access allows users to add customized watermarks in their reports, which prevents the user from becoming a prey of these unfortunate frauds. There are so many large companies who use their logo, in the background of their reports. You can also use your company logo in your reports and give it a more personalized professional touch.

Things to Remember while Adding Watermark in Your Access Reports

Users can use their company logo instead of using the full name of the company. However, if your company doesn’t have a logo, you can just use your company name in the background,

If your company logo includes dark shades, try placing as a small icon on each sheet, instead of making it a background for each page, as it can make it difficult for the people to read the text in the report.

Access allows users to update and enhance controls while creating watermarks. Users don’t have to insert the same image on each page of the report while working with MS Access. You can also convert and print these reports directly while working on Access.

Steps for Adding Watermark in your Access Reports

  • Step 1: First open the report in which you want to insert the watermark in your Design View.
  • Step 2:  Use F4 keyboard shortcut, to open Report’s Property Sheet.
  • Go To Picture PropertyStep 3: Go to Picture Property and open it.
  • Step 4: Go to build button (which is located bottom right of property) and browse the watermark image from your system.
  • Step 5: Users can use any of these property settings for your Report in which you want to display the watermark.
PictureAlignment = 2 (center)
Picture Tiling = False 
PictureSizeMode = 3 (zoom)
  • Step 6: When the user will load the watermark in the background using the above-mentioned setting, a preview of the report will generate on the screen.

The user can recheck the report, and make any kind of necessary change on his report. Users can also print or convert the report in any form like PDF or MS access Snapshot.

Note that whenever the user will run this main program, it will display and prompt the location of the watermark image and its image name, with the report name. So, users are recommended to note this information, before running their program.  The user just needs to run the program once for the report. This image will stage as a background till the report is used again for changing the watermark image.

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