5 Benefits of Database Sharing through Database Server in MS Access

This article helps the users in Understanding the Benefits and Process of Database sharing through Database server.

Users can share their Access database files, through multiple ways however, the user should decide the right method based on their resources availability and needs.

One method is using database sharing through database server. This method allows users to share the database; however, it does require the user to install an additional database server product. It saves the table on a network, where each user is linked in the network and has access to the databases which are shared on the network. The user should only use this method if all the other users on the network have Access installed in their system.Benefits And Process Of Database Sharing Through Database Server

Benefits of Database sharing through Database server

1. Better performance and Scalability

A database server provides better performance compared to Access database alone. Database server also offers support for large TB-sized databases, which are over 500 X bigger than Access Database files’ current limit of (2 GB). It also works efficiently while processing parallel queries and while minimizing other memory requirements, whenever more users are added to the network.

2. Increased Accessibility and Availability

Users can create backups for their databases using database server, even when it is being used. Hence, you don’t have to waste time and ask users to close the database, whenever they want to create backups. It also works efficiently with record locking and concurrent editing.

3. Better Security

Better SecurityThe database server has a robust security system that prevents your data from being used by the unauthorized users. Database server also runs through an account-based security that allows users to limit the visibility of tables. Account-based security completely prevents your database from being accessed by unauthorized users.

4. Automatic Recovery

Database server also offers an effective automatic recovery option. So, in case you face a system failure while working on a database server, it will automatically recover your precious data to its last state of consistency without any hassle. Users don’t require any database administrator intervention to perform the task to recover mdb or accdb databases.

This also prevents data damage and corruption. Users are still able to retrieve their constant state of data. And being on the server, the data size doesn’t matter during the recovery.

5. Server-based processing

Using Access for server/client configuration helps in reducing the network traffic, by instantly processing database queries before returning to the client with the results. Processing works better in server, especially if you are working on a large set of data.

Steps of Database sharing through Database server

  • Step 1: Move the data that you want to share from Table to Access Database to the database server tables.
  • Step 2: Now the user needs to link his/her database server table within the selected Access database file.
  • Step 3: Create a new appropriate user account and save it on the database server.
  • Step 4: User needs to distribute or share this database file with other files.
  • Step 5: In case the file is compatible with the certain software, download it in the shared system before opening the file.
  • Step 6: Start a test run to check whether the system is working properly on your system or not.

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