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How to Auto Move Sent Meeting Invitations to a Specific Folder in Your Outlook

Many users long for methods to configure Outlook to auto move the sent meeting invitations to a specific folder. In this article, we'll share an easy method to realize it. Outlook always saves all types of sent items, no matter emails, task requests or meeting invitations in the 'Sent Items" folder. In this way, you will find your "Sent Items" folder is considerably messy. Thereby, you may wish your Outlook to auto move and save the meeting invitations to a different folder. When you...

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How to Quickly Export Multiple Contacts to One VCard File with Outlook VBA

If you have multiple contacts in your Outlook and want to export them to a single vCard file, instead of separate files, you can use the smart method introduced in this article. For instance, you need to send hundreds of contacts to some else. Rather than sending them as separate vCard files, you may be eager to combine them into a single vCard file and then send it. Actually, my previous article – "How to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts as a Single VCard File" has introduced a method....

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A Deep Insight into Scratched Platters in Hard Drive

Hard drive platters are storing data. Hence, it can be catastrophic if something bad occurs to the platters. Now, in this article, we'll probe into scratched drive platters. The platters are one of the most crucial components in a hard disk drive (HDD). From the perspective of appearance, they are like CDs/DVDs. Yet, they're smaller and more complicated in many respects. They're exactly magnetic storage media, where the data is actually stored in hard drive. Therefore, as long as...

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