Email Recovery

How to Reply an Email to All Its Original Senders & Recipients Separately in Outlook

When using "Reply All", you may want to send the reply to its original sender and recipients separately. In this article, we will look at this requirement and introduce you a handy method to get it. You must have ever received an email that is not only sent to you but also sent to many other recipients. At that time, you may need to reply this email to both its original sender and the other recipients. In general, you can use the "Reply All". However, sometimes, for purposes of...

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What to Do If You Cannot Create Recovery Drive in Windows?

Windows supports users to create recovery drive to back up system. But, sometimes, you may fail to accomplish it. Under such a circumstance, what should you do then? This article will give you a quick guide. In order to avoid vexing system crash and data loss like damaged PST data, it is highly essential to back up your computer. Fortunately, if your PC is running in Windows, you can make full use of its built-in backup features, such as "Recovery Drive". It's exactly a bootable drive. With...

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