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5 Effective Tips to Reduce File Fragmentation in Hard Drive

With more and more fragments, your hard drive may experience obviously poorer performance. But don’t worry. In this article, we will show you 5 effective methods to reduce the file fragmentation in your drive. File fragmentation in hard drive is bits of data which are spread across the drive platter. It will make great impact on the read/write speed of hard drive, thereby influencing computer performance badly. For instance, if fragmentation can lead to frequent system crashes, boot up...

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How to Auto Remove URLs with a Specific Domain from Incoming Emails in Your Outlook

Some users wish Outlook to automatically remove URLs with a specific domain from the bodies of incoming emails. Although Outlook doesn't offer such a direct function, it still can be realized with a bit of scripting. This article will introduce it in detail. If you are reluctant to seeing the URLs with a specific domain in incoming emails, you can use the method shared in the article "How to Auto Move the Incoming Emails with Specific Hyperlinks to Junk E-mail Folder". That means can auto...

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How to Batch Create Charts from Tables in Your Outlook Email

At times, you may need to create charts from all tables in your Outlook email. Thus, in this article, we will introduce you a quick method to get it in bulk. Perhaps you've created several tables when composing a mail. And later, in order to make the table statistics more intuitive and attractive, you would like to create charts for these tables. Usually, you can create one by one by "Insert" > "Object" > "Microsoft Graph Chart". However, it will be blazing tedious if there are...

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