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8 Effective Tips to Prevent Data Loss when Rooting Your Smartphone

Rooting smartphone can help you get rid of many limitations set by manufacturer, thereby gaining privileged control over your phone. Yet, it has a deadly flaw - data loss. Thus, in this article, we'll provide 8 useful tips to avoid such terrible data loss. As we all know, smartphone always comes with a lot of limitations that has been already configured by its manufacturer. For instance, there are a lot of bloatware on the smartphone which takes up a lot of storage but you cannot remove. If...

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How to Quickly Merge & Import Multiple Word Documents into One Outlook Email

At times, you may want to import the contents of multiple Word documents into the body of one Outlook email. Now, in this post, we will help you achieve it in a jiffy. After reading my previous article "How to Quickly Merge & Import the Contents of Multiple Text Files into an Outlook Email", many users long for a rapid method to combine and import multiple Word documents into a single Outlook email. In the followings, we will introduce such a means. Merge & Import Multiple Word...

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How to Auto Print an Email after Flagging It in Your Outlook

Some users always need to print out the flagged emails in Outlook. Hence, in this article, we will introduce a method to configure Outlook to auto accomplish this. More often than not, to follow up an email, you can flag it. Meanwhile, in order to get details about this email even after shutting down your computer, you may hope to print it out as well. Hence, usually, after you flag an email, you are used to continuing to print it. Now that this is a repetitive operation, why don't you let...

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