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Will Frequent Formatting Damage Hard Drive?

How often do you format your hard drive? Many users express that they frequently format their hard drives. But they wonder whether such frequent formatting will harm drive or not. This article will expose the answer in detail. Formatting a hard drive is exactly a process of deleting all the data, removing all the programs and setting up a brand new file system on the drive. It is believed that nowadays, most of users must be familiar with disk formatting. Although it seems complicated,...

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How to Batch Delete All Delivery Receipts in Your Outlook

So as to ensure that your outgoing emails have been delivered successfully, you can request the delivery receipts. In this case, your mailbox may be stuffed with a lot of such receipts. To batch delete them permanently, you can use the way shared in this post. My previous post "How to Batch Delete All Receipts in Your Outlook" has shared an effective method to delete all receipts, no matter the delivery, undeliverable or read receipts. But, sometimes, you may want to delete the delivery...

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How to Quickly Merge & Export Multiple Outlook Calendars to a Single iCalendar (.ics) File

At times, you may hope to merge & export multiple Outlook calendars to a single iCalendar (.ics) file. Now, this article will help you get it in quick time. From my previous article "2 Methods to Export a Specific Date Range of Your Outlook Calendar as an iCalendar (.ics) File", you have learned the quick solution to export one calendar to one ics file. Nevertheless, sometimes, you may need to export multiple calendars to a single file. In such a case, you have to search other ways, such...

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