Outlook Data Recovery

2 Effective Methods to Batch Delete All Outlook Rules Performing a Specific Action

If you need to batch delete all Outlook rules that perform a specific action, such as "Move", "Copy" or "Flag", you can read this article. Here we will take "Move" action as an example to introduce you 2 quick methods. At times, you may want to delete all rules performing a specific action in Outlook. For instance, you've rebuilt folder structures in your mailboxes. Thus, you intend to re-classify and archive emails to different folders. In this case, you may want to batch delete all rules...

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How to Auto Export the Attachment Information of Incoming Outlook Emails to an Excel Workbook

Some users would like to auto record the information of the attachments in every incoming email. This article will share a quick time to realize it with ease. If you are accustomed to exporting the attachment information of each incoming Outlook email to an Excel file, perhaps you'll long for some approaches that can let Outlook auto undertake this work. Thereby, you're able to get rid of tracking attachments manually. Fortunately, though Outlook doesn't provide such a direct feature, you...

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4 Common Encryption Solutions for Your Data Backups

To secure your data backups, you may want to encrypt them. If you haven't decided an encryption solution, you can read this article. Here we will elaborately introduce 4 common encryption solutions for backups. The main reason why you back up your data is that the data is important and you don’t want to lose them. Moreover, most of time, some of the encrypted data may contain sensitive information. In this situation, perhaps not only do you want to back up them, but also you'll need to...

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