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How to Auto Show All Private Appointments as Free in Your Outlook Calendar

If you're accustomed to set private appointments as free in your Outlook, why not directly let Outlook auto accomplish this task? This article will teach you how to get it with a bit of scripting. "Busy/Free" information in calendar is really important. For instance, when you need to schedule a meeting, you'll need to check when you have free time. If you are a person who attaches more importance to work instead of private matters, you'll prefer to show all private calendar items as free....

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2 Easy Ways to Quickly Convert an Email to a Meeting Invitation in Outlook

If you would like to convert an Outlook email to a meeting invitation, you can refer to this post. Here we will share 2 quick approaches with you. When you receive an email that contains much information about a meeting to be scheduled, you may want to quickly create a meeting directly from this email. In this situation, you can use either of the following 2 methods as per your needs. Method 1: Convert without Original Email Attachments To begin with, select the email that you want. ...

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Hard vs Soft Bad Sectors in HDD: Different Causes and Solutions

Bad sectors are tiny clusters that cannot be read in hard disk drive (HDD). They can be divided into two types. One is hard bad sectors, and the other is soft bad sectors. This article will expose the different causes and solutions of the two types. It is known that hard disk drive (HDD) is vulnerable due to its mechanical parts. Among all hard drive issues, bad sector is admittedly common. Hard disk drive is divided into millions of sectors. Bad sector refers to a sector that is unreadable...

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