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How to Auto Set the Meetings You Create to High Importance in Outlook

If you are accustomed to manually setting the Outlook meetings that you create as high priority, you'd better utilize a more effective way to let Outlook auto do it. This article will introduce you such a method. By default, meetings are set to normal importance. If you would like to always set the meetings that you create to high importance, you'd better make use of the following way. It uses VBA code to configure Outlook to auto accomplish this task, which can save you from changing...

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Will Excessive Simultaneous Activities Harm Hard Disk Drive?

All computer data are stored in the internal hard drive. Hence, you may wonder if performing many operations at the same time would be harmful to the drive. In this article, we will probe into this issue. At times, inevitably, you may need to undertake multiple tasks on your computer at the same time. For instance, you are dealing with some files - Word documents or Excel workbooks, and meanwhile, in the background, the internet browser is downloading files, the system is installing new...

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