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In this article, we highlight 7 key reasons that make Tell Me exceptionally popular with Access Users.

In 2016, the latest iteration of MS Access was rolled out with an array of new features and improvements. Prominent amongst them was the Tell Me Box which appeared at the top of the interface and inquired the user about what he or she was looking to do. For example, if you are looking to insert images, just need type in the same and you would be directed to the specific command section on the interface. The tool has become a rank favourite with many Access users and we have listed 7 reasons why it is riding the popularity charts.

7 Reasons Make "Tell Me" Feature in Access Popular

1.      Its Saves time by getting appropriate answers

The Tell Me box is designed to help save which you would unnecessarily waste in figuring out answers. While it may not give accurate answers in every case, our experience with it is quite good. It is able to give relevant answers related to normal access tasks and is quite intuitive.

2.      It is Easy to Locate and Use

The Tell Me Box is available by default on the top bar. It can be accessed with ease and one just needs to enter what he is looking for to get an answer.

3.      It offers intelligent suggestions

The feature is capable of providing intelligent suggests. For example, if you enter a wish “make font color red”. Now in case you have not selected any text for the same, it will turn on the specified color and any text you type at cursor would be red. Similarly, if you are keying in a command or formula the feature will list down a bunch of suggestions for you to choose from.

4.      It attempts to understand natural language in some cases

The tool uses a mechanism to understand natural language commands. So words like “Make” and “Set” are interpreted in similar fashion

5.      It works with Voice Commands in Windows 10

If you are using the Windows 10 OS, you can use voice commands to work with the Tell Me feature.

6.       Can connect you directly to Smart Lookup and Help

In case you are looking for more information instead of a command, the feature can connect you with Smart Lookup feature, thereby allowing you to discover your answer.

7.      The feature is available across most office programs like Word, Excel, and Visio etc.

A great part of this feature is that it is not limited to Access only but is available with other MS Office programs. Thus if you become adept at using it in Access, you are likely to find beneficial while working with other MS Office programs.

While MS Access 2016 can be rightly termed as an evolved piece of software, it still remains quite open to incidents of Access corruption. Thus the need for a tool like DataNumen Access Repair that can repair accdb or mdb database files is always there, especially if you are using the software for business.

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Vivian Stevens is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and excel recovery software products. For more information visit

In MS Access, despite encryption of underlying data, the passwords get stored in the front end in plain text and can be extracted. Learn 5 ways to secure the front end and avoid data breaches

When you are using an MS Access application for operating a line of business application, chances of a data breach is always there. Thus it is imperative that you ensure the security of the application. Now, most multiuser Access application are based on a split database model, wherein the Access front end is placed across different user machines while main data repository is stored on a different machine or backend. Quite expectedly, a majority of vulnerabilities arise from the front end interface deployed at user machines. To help you address such issues, we have listed 5 practical tips to secure MS Access front end.

5 Key Ways to Secure the Access Front End

1.      Consider using a Custom Ribbon for the Front End interface

If you opt for creating a custom ribbon for your users, they would not be able to access Commands typically available on the standard ribbon interface. In other words, you would essentially restrict them to the minimum things that may need to operate the application, thus securing it.

2.       Control the User access to the application

It makes great sense to control the user access to the application. In your database, try to keep a table containing names of all Window’s usernames that can use the application. When the application starts up on a client machine, ensure that it checks the network username and is matched with the records present. If the usernames do not match, ensure the application gets closed automatically. 

3.      By default always place a compiled version of Front end on client machines

By using a compiled version (like Accde), you can effectively lock down a variety of objects from being modified by users. Nor can users open up forms in design view, thus limiting their option to compromise the data, even unintentionally.

4.      Consider disabling Special Keys and Shift Bypass

When you are looking to secure the front end, it makes immense sense to disable the shift bypass option. Similarly consider locking all special keys, especially the ones that bring out the VBE editor.

5.      Use folder permissions effectively

MS Access stores data in flat files. Quite naturally you need to protect the folders hosting these files, including the one containing temporary files by applying the relevant permission controls.

Dealing with Situations beyond your control

Despite doing all that is possible to protect your MS Access data, you may still end up with a corrupt database file. In rare cases, the cause for Access corruption can be as insignificant as a logical error arising out of a failed update operation. Given that Access errors are going to happen at some point of time, the best way to protect your data involves getting hold of an accdb recovery tool like DataNumen Access Repair. Whenever you encounter a database crash, just use this powerful utility to get back your data in perfect shape, that too in quick time.

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Vivian Stevens is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql repair and excel recovery software products. For more information visit

In this article, we look at the possible impact of the latest Meltdown security flaw on MS Access. As a matter precaution, we also look at keeping a recovery tool to protect Access data.

In recent past, a set of serious computer vulnerabilities have scared computer users and companies across the globe. Researchers have unveiled security vulnerabilities in computer chips and set of such issues have been dubbed as Meltdown and Spectre. These issues affect nearly most computer chips designed in last 20 years and can possibly lead security breaches.

Will Meltdown Affect Access Databases

Meltdown and Spectre Explained

Both these issues raise the possibility of protected data being accessed. In case of Meltdown flaw, a hacker can theoretically go past the hardware boundaries and thus access data stored by other programs and even data which only system administrators can have access too. At a conceptual level, it is a serious flaw notwithstanding what chipmakers claimed otherwise. Spectre on the other hand force an application to give out its own data against compromising data security.  Theoretically speaking a piece of code present on a website you visit can trick out the browser to give your stored login id and password. 

How are Companies Reacting to Meltdown

Given the possibility of severe losses, companies have been very active in running patches. Already Microsoft and Intel are in picture rolling out updates to resolve the issue. Server vendor and cloud solution providers are doing their bit too. Google too launched an advisory detailing how these vulnerabilities are affecting specific products and what you can do

Meltdown and MS Access

Since Meltdown affects computers at a fundamental level, all database application running on Windows Server can hypothetically be compromised. Thus MS Access is hardly an exception and standard mechanism needs to be followed. To start with set Windows update to automatic and ensure updates get installed. Next, install firmware updates that your chip manufacturers have provided.

If you are running an Access application on a network, make sure every system that is used to work with the database is properly patched. It is critical both firmware and operating system updates are done. That apart it is also critical that you update the antivirus application installed on all your systems. In fact, Microsoft advises antivirus updates to be installed first.  

Preparing a Contingency plan

While it is quite likely that your Line of Business Application developed in MS Access should continue to work fine, yet a chance of mishap always remains. Hence it is advisable to keep an accdb repair tool around to deal with an emergency situation. A tool like DataNumen Access Repair can swing into action and extract data from a compromised Access file in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the tool can also be used to break down a large database in manageable smaller parts.

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Vivian Stevens is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including SQL Server fix and excel recovery software products. For more information visit