Access Database Recovery

How to Resolve “The Database Cannot Be Opened Because The VBA Project Contained In It Cannot Be Read” Error in Access

Find out what the error “The Database Cannot Be Opened Because The VBA Project Contained In It Cannot Be Read” means and precautions you could take to prevent it. It feels very frustrating for a data collection that previously worked perfectly to suddenly stop and begin showing error messages like the one shown above. Most people get confused and for a good reason since the error suggests that there is a VBA project within your database, which is not true. Let us explore the cause...

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How to Solve “Invalid field data type (Error 3259)” Problem in MS Access

Find out why you may be getting the response "Invalid field data type (Error 3259)" in MS Access and what you can do when you come across such a message. You cannot wish away runtime errors. This is because they never go away unless they are fixed. If you wish to update your database and cannot continue due to the above error, consider any of the approaches explained below and fix the problem first before proceeding. A closer look at runtime error 3259 in MS Access As you might...

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How to Fix the Error “Record(s) cannot be read; no read permission” in Access

This post provides insights on how you can resolve this if you come across it when working with Access databases. Managing business operations can be a complex endeavor, especially if you do not have systems in place to reconcile your transactions. Luckily, databases come in handy to help you manage business records effectively. MS Access is a simple yet powerful application that can help you develop and deploy a robust database with ease. Moreover, you do not need a seasoned IT expert...

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