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The Challenge

Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms, heavily relies on emails for their communication both internally and with customers. As a global business dealing with clients across various time zones, email communication is not just essential but needs to be 24/7 without any disruptions.

In the Spring of 2010, their corporate email system, powered by Microsoft Outlook, started experiencing frequent crashes and errors. PST files got corrupted, important emails were lost, and the overall productivity of the team was affected significantly.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of emails were sent and received, and the occasional file corruption caused havoc in the regular workflow. The internal IT department was unable to solve the problem efficiently, and the inefficiency in email communication was starting to impact customer relations and satisfaction.

The Solution

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the IT department of Deloitte began looking for a robust and effective tool to fix their recurring issues. Their search led them to DataNumen Outlook Repair, formerly called Advanced Outlook Repair(AOR).

The product’s high recovery rate and positive customer testimonials made it an attractive solution. The software’s rich feature set, like the capability to repair oversized 2GB PST files, recover deleted Outlook items, and its compatibility with multiple Outlook versions, convinced them to give DataNumen Outlook Repair a try.

Below is Deloitte‘s email to request the evaluation:

Deloitte Evaluation Request

The Implementation

The IT department started with repairing the most crucial and frequently used PST files. DataNumen Outlook Repair’s user-friendly interface made it easy for them to navigate the product and understand its functionalities. The ability to recover numerous types of objects, including mails, attachments, and embedded objects, was particularly useful.

They were also pleased to find the batch recovery feature, which allowed them to repair multiple PST files simultaneously, a significant time saver for the busy IT team.

The Result

DataNumen Outlook Repair was an instant success at Deloitte. The software effectively repaired corrupted PST files and recovered lost items from mailboxes, bringing the company’s email communication system back to its normal function.

The successful implementation of the tool resulted in a massive increase in productivity, as teams could now focus more on their work rather than struggling with email issues. More importantly, the company managed to uphold its customer service quality by ensuring uninterrupted email communication.

Impressed with the results, the IT department is now working on a company-wide implementation of DataNumen Outlook Repair to prevent future PST corruption issues. Every year, Deloitte will order the latest versions of DataNumen Outlook Repair and DataNumen Exchange Recovery, as below:

Deloitte DataNumen Outlook Repair Order Deloitte DataNumen Exchange Recovery Order

The Deloitte case is a testament to how DataNumen Outlook Repair can bring a solution to a real-world, critical business problem, thus reinforcing its position as a leading tool in the field of PST file repair and recovery.