How to Password Protect Specific Ranges in Your Excel Worksheet

The protected worksheet can protect data security very well. In addition, we will show you how to edit specific ranges in a protected worksheet.

In our previous article, we have talked about protecting worksheet. And you may refer to it to see how it works: How to Protect Your Excel Worksheets with Passwords. But sometimes you need to send this file to other people, and they will modify certain area. For example, in this file, you need those sales representatives to check their sales volume.An Example for Edit Specific Range

The numbers are all correct except Paul and Sophia, and they need to change their sales volume. So here you can make some extra settings to allow them to modify their own sale volume.

Set Password for Certain Range

Before you protect the worksheet, you may follow the steps below.

  1. Click the target range. And here we click C2.
  2. And then click the tab “Review”.Click Allow Users to Edit Ranges
  3. Under this tab, click the button “Allow Users to Edit Ranges”.
  4. And then in the new window, click the button “New”.Click New
  5. Now input the certain name into the “Title”. Here we input “Paul”.
  6. In the “Refers to Cells”, the content will already there because you have selected the target area before. And if you need to change, you can also change here.
  7. Input the password into the “Range password” text box.Input the information
  8. Next click “OK”.
  9. In the “Confirm Password” window, input the password again.Confirm Password
  10. And then click “OK”.
  11. If you want to leave the permission in a new worksheet in case you will forget, you can check the option “Paste permission information into a new workbook”.
  12. And then click the button “Apply”.Save the Setting
  13. Next click “OK”.

Thus, you have finished the setting of the target cell. You can also repeat the steps to set password for the sales volume of Sophia. In addition, you can also set the two cells together. All the setting should be adjusted according your actual requirement.

  1. And then you can protect the worksheet with another password.

Edit Certain Range

Now you have sent the file and the corresponding password to Paul. And if John needs to modify the number, he may input the password first.

  1. Double click the cell.
  2. Then input the password into the text box.Input the Password
  3. Next click “OK”. Thus, this cell can be edited. However, without the password of the worksheet or other range password, Paul cannot modify other cells.

Excel Disaster can Damage your Password

Even if you have set password to your Excel worksheet, it can also be damaged in a data disaster. As a result, your important data and information will leak. To avoid such accident, a third party Excel recovery tool can help you. It can get back almost all the information in your file within minutes.

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