How to Protect Your Excel Worksheets with Passwords

In an Excel, you will certain input many important data and information. Thus, the security of Excel becomes rather important. Therefore, we will talk about how to protect your Excel worksheets with passwords.

It is needless to talk about the security of Excel because we all know the importance of protecting it. Thus, you need to install antivirus software to prevent your computer form being attacked. In addition, you should also need to take regular backups about those essential files. And now, in Excel itself, there is a feature of setting passwords to protect the certain worksheets. Through this password, even if other people have your file, still they cannot modify the file. And now follow the steps and set worksheet password.

Set Password to Protect Sheet

  1. Right click the table of the worksheet that you want to protect.
  2. In the new menu, choose the option of “Protect Sheet”.Select Protect Sheet
  3. Then in the new window, input your password into the text box.
  4. And in the part of “Allow all users of this worksheet to”, check the options that you allow other people to do without knowing the password. For example, here we check the “Format cells”. You can set the options according to your need.Input Password
  5. And now click “OK”. And you will see a new window.
  6. Now you need to confirm your password again. So you need to input the password again.Confirm Password
  7. And then click “OK”. Now you will come back to the worksheet. And you in the ribbon, you will find that some of the features are not available.Some Features not Available

If the features can change the format of cells, you can still use them, such as bold, change color. But other features like insert and delete are not available. And you cannot even select the cells.

Unprotect Sheet

Now if you want to modify your worksheet, you should unprotect sheet. And the following are the steps.

  1. Right click the tab of the target worksheet.
  2. In the new menu, click the option “Unprotect sheet”.Unprotect Sheet
  3. Now in the pop-up window, input your password into the text box.Input Password to Unprotect Sheet
  4. And then click “OK”. Thus, you can still modify your worksheets.

Understanding Excel File Corruption

Sometimes, Excel files in your computer will corrupt due to various reasons, such as virus, malware, computer errors, human errors or other accidents. Thus, if you meet with any of those accidents, your Excel files are likely to corrupt. Therefore, a third party tool can help you to repair Excel in a short time. And almost all the information stored in those files can be retrieved.

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