Outlook May Botch Up Attachment Files when Emails are composed in the RTF Format

The Ms Outlook client Microsoft-supporthas the distinction of being the most powerful desktop email client available in the market. Its features remain unmatched and it literally stands head and shoulders above its competition including the likes of Mozilla Thunderbird. Yet when it comes to errors that besot it with alarming regularity, the Outlook email client cuts a sorry figure. Some of these errors can be outlandishly difficult to diagnose for an average user. One such issue involves the messing of attachments in some cases, if the email message has been composed in the RTF format. As an Outlook user you would be completely at loss to understand, how your attachment file turned into something with a .dat extension. Well in this article we will delve into the issue in detail and look at avoiding it.


Understand why Attachments can get botched up

The primary chances of attachments getting botched up occur when you are using the Rich Text Format to compose an email message in Outlook. Since the RTF formats allows for inline attachments, chances of errors creeping up are high. In fact if you find your attachment turned into anything with a .dat extension then the RTF format is the culprit.


Choose Plain Text or HTML format for sending emails

The only sure shot way of avoiding the issue from cropping up involves choosing the plain text format or HTML for sending emails. As matter of rule do not even consider using the RTF format when you are looking to send an attachment with the email message. To change your message format options, perform the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch the Outlook application and head to Tools and then click on Options
  2. Under Options, head to Mail Format
  3. Next under the choice for “Compose in this Message Format”, opt to choose HTML or plain text only
  4. Click on Apply and Ok to save the settings

In some cases you may even have change the format settings associated with message format Outlook uses to publish information on the Internet. These are available under Internet Format options in the Mail format tab.


Outlook Crashes can Occur when they are least Expected

Murphy’s Law related to unfortunate happenings seems to hold exceptionally true for the Ms Outlook email client. Countless users have complained over the years that the Outlook email client has tanked around the time they needed it the most, say just before a meeting or a presentation. The sheer uncertainty with Outlook crashes can occur makes it critical for us to invest in a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can help us get back the lost data during a crisis situation. The tool can negotiate a variety of storage formats including Norton Ghost image file or a Nero Image copy and is hardly challenged by the apparent state of a compromised PST file.


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