How to Insert Different Types of Separators into Your Word Document

Tired of all these horizontal lines? Relax! This article will show you how to insert different types of separators in your Word document.

We use Word for word processing. But reading all those pages of document without decoration can drive you crazy. As a matter of a fact, there are many occasions when we need some dividers to make our files look good. For example, you may need vertical lines for your multi-column Word document. And when you make some brochures, you certainly want them special enough to catch people’s eye.

Therefore, it’s quite necessary to get the skill. Here are detailed steps for you to catch up.

Insert Vertical lines for Multi-column Word Document

Obviously, to add vertical lines to Word file can make it clear to read.

Here are detailed steps:

  1. Firstly, click “Page Layout” on the menu.
  2. Next, click “Columns” icon.
  3. Choose “More Columns” on the drop-down list of “Columns”.Click "Page Layout"->Click "Columns"-> Click "More Columns"
  4. In “Column” window, set up the “Number of columns”.
  5. Then check the “Line between” box. Now you can see vertical lines have been inserted in your Word document in preview area.Set the "Number of columns"->Click "Line between"->Click "OK"
  6. Finally, click “OK” button to save your change.

Draw a Separator on Word Document

Basically, this method can get you whatever shapes you want for you document. Needless to say, it’s a great way to polish your file. Following are the comprehensive steps:

  1. First thing, position your cursor on the page where you’d like to insert a separator.
  2. Click “Insert”.
  3. Next, click “Shapes” icon on the ribbon.
  4. On the menu of “Shapes”, there are so many kinds of lines and shapes. Naturally, choose one you like. For example, we may pick “Elbow Connector” below the category of “Lines”.Click "Insert"-> Click "Shapes"->Choose a Style of a Line
  5. Now your cursor changes to a plus sign. Click mouse.
  6. Meanwhile, drag the plus sign on your page to draw the line.Choose "Elbow Connector"
  7. Click the line to start editing.
  8. Right click.
  9. Select “Format AutoShape”.Click the Line to Start Editing-> Right click the Line->Choose "Format AutoShapes" on the Menu
  10. In “Format AutoShape” window, click “Colors and Lines” to set up as you like.
  11. Click “Size” to change width and height and so on.
  12. Then click “OK” when you complete the whole task in order to save your change.Set "Colors and Lines"->Set "Size"-> Click "OK"
  13. Now you have successfully inserted a separator into your Word document.Get the Line You Want

React to Word Document Corruption

This article is talking about how to make your document look better. Even so we can still possibly ruin our file due to some wrong operations. When such a misfortune happens, I assume some of you may just get lost without knowing what action you should take.

Here we go. First, use the built-in function in Word to perform word repair as soon as possible. If that helps nothing at all, there are always some third-party products available which may be a huge help to you. Just keep these two solutions in mind.

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