How to Recover Oversized 2GB Outlook PST Files

Oversized PST files can lead to data loss as the file can become corrupted. In order to recover your data from a corrupted and oversized PST file, DataNumen Outlook Repair has two options that you can use. Depending on what version of Outlook you have, you might either want to split the PST file or convert it.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

The idea behind an Outlook PST file is that it is a safe place to store copies of the e-mails you receive and make on your Outlook as well as calendar events, contacts, and other important items.

Microsoft Outlook creates PST files to store this data on your computer so you can access them even if you’re online.

Why size matters with PST files

If your PST file is too large, your Outlook application might have a difficult time accessing the information in the file.

If you have noticed that your Outlook has become sluggish and basic operations such as opening a file, downloading attachments, or copying a folder are taking longer than usual, your PST file size might have exceeded the permissible limit.

The permissible limit of the size of a PST file may vary according to the version of Outlook that you have. Older versions of Outlook, such as Outlook 2002, usually have a size limit of 2GB.

Oversized PST files can eventually lead to the file becoming corrupted and you losing the data on that file. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can recover oversized Outlook PST files on older versions of Outlook which have size limits of 2GB.

How can DataNumen Outlook Repair recover an oversize PST file?

There are two ways that DataNumen Outlook repair can recover data from a PST file that is over the 2GB.

1. Split the oversized file into smaller files

If you can’t access your PST file on Outlook 2002, it’s possible that the problem is the file is over the 2GB limit. To get around this, you can use DataNumen Outlook repair to split the file into smaller files.

Before trying this, close Microsoft Outlook. Open DataNumen Outlook Repair and look for the option that says “Split output PST file when it is larger than xxx MB.”

Set the file limit to a value that is lower than 2GB. We recommend that you set to something like 1000MB, so that the files that are created will not reach the 2GB limit again too soon.

Choose the “Repair” tab and, from there find and search for the PST file you want repaired. To make things go quicker, specify the file format as “Outlook 97-2002”.

When you have selected the correct file, click “Start Repair” and wait for the process to end.

When the file is split, you should find several files that now share the original name of your file with “_fixed(number).pst” affixed.

2. Converting the oversized PST file to Outlook 2003 format

If you have access to a higher version of Outlook, 2003 and above, you can use DataNumen Outlook Repair to convert the oversized PST file so you can access your data on Outlook 2003.

Run DataNumen Outlook Repair and use it to scan the problematic file. The data recovery program will retrieve the data on the file and then save it onto a new PST file that uses the Unicode format of Outlook 2003.

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