Dealing with emails from Multiple Client Projects in Ms Outlook – Practical Tips

In case you are handlingmultipleclients several projects in your office, it is very likely that you would receive numerous emails related to these projects in your mailbox. Over a period of time it becomes increasingly difficult for you to track the conversations that you had related to an individual project. However with Outlook it is easily possible to organize your conversations and file the emails in a neat manner. Let’s look at some practical tips to achieve the same.



Create Separate Folders to Store Emails for Each Project that you work on

To begin with you should create separate folders for every ongoing project that you are currently handling in Outlook. Once you receive an email related to a specific project you can then separate it from the Inbox and move it to its relevant folder.


Use Rules to Filter Emails into Relevant Folders

In Ms Outlook you can create rules to transfer emails that carry a specific subject line. Ideally you should encourage all team members to include the project name in the email subject line and this will allow for automatic separation of emails with the help of rules.


Create Categories for Every Project and Associate them with unique colors

The Ms Outlook application allows you to create categories which can be used to identify emails in quick time. You can also associate specific color to a given category which would allow you to sort through emails in an efficient manner. However you need to first create unique categories for organizing your emails. To do so you can click on Categorize in the tool bar menu and then hit on All categories. Next you can choose from one of the existing categories and rename them with a meaningful name. Moreover you can choose to change the color associated with the said category. Outlook even allows you to associate a shortcut key to an individual category. It is important to a have a category created for each of your continuous projects so that you can tag them with ease. Once your category list in place, you can right click on any email and click on categories. From the pop up screen you can choose the relevant category and apply it to the email. Incidentally the popup screen contains a link to the master category list, just in case you wish to modify any of its elements.


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