How to Create a Shortcut to an Email Template in Outlook

It is indeed convenient and time-saving to apply email templates in Outlook. But at times we may find it difficult to seek out them. This article will offer a workaround to create a shortcut to an email template.

In general, I am accustomed to creating templates by saving a written email as template. However, when needing to apply it, I have to searching forms, which will require too much time. I hope that Outlook can put the templates in the obvious places, such that I can access them just by one click. Ultimately, I find out an advantageous tip to create email template. Furthermore, I’m even allowed to specify a keyboard shortcut to it.

Create a Shortcut to an Email Template in Outlook

  1. To start with, you should launch Outlook program. Under “Home” tab, you need to look in the center of the ribbon to locate “Quick Steps” group. From its box, you should find and click on “Create New” button.Create a New Quick Step
  2. In the new popup dialog box of “Edit Quick Step”, you should specify a name for this quick step, such as “Email Template”.
  3. Then click the down arrow at the end of “Choose an Action” option. From its drop down list, you should choose “New Message” action under “Respond” label.Choose an Action - New Message
  4. After that, you will see the “Show Options” link. Click it to proceed to specify more items for the new email template.Show Options
  5. Next you can fill in all the available items as per your needs, such as subject, flag, importance, concrete message contents.Edit the email template
  6. Later in “Optional” section, you could click “Choose a shortcut” and from its drop down list, you can choose a preferred shortcut according to your habit, like “Ctrl + Shift + 1”. Choose a shortcut
  7. Finally click “Finish” button to save the email template. After backing to Outlook main window, in “Quick Steps” box, you can click “Email Template” to open the template. Alternatively, you could press the preset keyboard shortcut to access it.

Although this tip is expedient, it still has a shortcoming. That is all the presetting message body is in plain text. You cannot specify its font size, color and so on.

As a rule, we usually create a template by saving an email as a personal form. If you still prefer this kind of email template, you could use another approach to quickly open it. That approach has been introduced in the previous article – “How to Improve Your Efficiency by Adding Often-Used Templates to Outlook Jump List”.

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