How to Improve Your Efficiency by Adding Often-Used Templates to Outlook Jump List

The jump list refers to the list that shows up when you right click the Outlook icon on the taskbar. You can add your frequently used message templates to the list, which will improve efficiency.

In the previous article – “How to Improve Your Work Efficiency via Outlook Templates”, we have mentioned that in order to use message templates, we should go to “Developers” > “Choose Forms”. Actually we can easily pin them to the jump list, which can help us access to them with utmost ease.

About Outlook Recent Items in Jump List

Actually equal to MS Office, previous Outlook versions, Outlook 2003 and 2007, also provides a list of recent items in the Jump List as well. Thereby, when you can directly right click Outlook icon in the taskbar, you can see the list of recent items, you can straight away click one to open it. Obviously, it is much convenient.Recent List in Outlook 2007

However, since Outlook 2010, this feature has gone. That is to say, you won’t see any recent items. Perhaps so as to keep the jump list clean, Microsoft developers removed this function. Besides, another reason worth mentioning is that the recent list can only make effects for external items instead of the items stored within Outlook.No Recent List in Newer Versions

Add Often-used Message Templates to Jump List Manually

Although in Outlook new versions, recent items aren’t offered any longer, we can still add our often-used Outlook items to jump list manually. That is to pin the items to the jump list, which is much simple. At the beginning, you should find saved Outlook message template and so on. Click on the item and directly drag it to the Outlook icon on the taskbar and drop it.Add Often-used Message Templates to Jump List Manually

Afterwards, you can right click the icon and from the right click menu, the item is pinned there. Thereafter, every time when you want to use the template, you needn’t access “Choose Form” and then open the template. You can directly click it in Jump list.Pinned Outlook Items

Remove Unwanted Items from the Jump List

If one day you think that the message template is useless any more, you can also remove it to prevent confusion of the jump list. Open the jump list and then move the mouse onto the item. You will see a push pin icon at the end. Press it, and the item will be removed. You could also right click the item and select “Unpin from this list”.Remove Unwanted Items from the Jump List

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