2 Ways to Remove Extra Spaces Related to Footnotes in Your Word Document

In the following content, we will focus on explaining 2 ways to remove the extra spaces related to footnotes in your Word document. Problems about spaces in Word can be annoying sometimes. And when it comes to the use of footnote, the headache remains. In this article, we will illustrate 2 cases where the unnecessary spaces drive people crazy, and also their solutions. Case 1: Extra Spaces between Footnote and Body Text The Issue There can be times when you find a large blank space is...

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SmartScreen Spam filters are being Removed from Exchange – What’s Next?

In this article we learn how Microsoft is moving away from SmartScreen filters to Exchange Online Protection The 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 edition of MS Exchange will no longer be getting updates for the SmartScreen spam filters form 1st of November, 2016. The updates for the same will also be done away within the 2011 edition of Outlook for Mac. In all the future versions of Outlook for Windows and Exchange Server, there will be no SmartScreen spam filter. However the in-built feature of...

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2 Methods to Quickly Get the Number of Rows or Columns of a Selected Range in Excel

Sometimes you need to know the number of rows and columns of a selected range in the worksheet. In this article, we will introduce two methods for you. When you select a range in the worksheet and you haven’t released your mouse, you will see the row number and column number of the area in the name box. However, the moment you release your mouse, the number will disappear. It is hard for you to remember the number all the time. What if you need to get the number the next time? Here we...

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