How to Get a Confirmation before Sending Emails with Your Private Information in Outlook

It can be quite dangerous and insecure if you send any emails which contain your private information. Therefore, this post will introduce you a method which can let Outlook prompt you before you sending such emails. Nowadays, potential security threats are all around. Thus, we should make a lot of efforts to safeguard our own private information, such as credit cards, various account passwords and other sensitive info, etc. Hence, you should pay attention to your daily online behaviors,...

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How to Solve the Issues Associated with Intraquery Parallelism in SQL Server

In this article, we will discuss how to decomposition of queries can help in achieving lineal performance, how to check for sessions containing parallel requests and the role of database tuning advisor. SQL Server optimizer try to choose the best plans whenever we create an execution plan for our query, which gives quickest response time for the query. Cost threshold for parallelism is an option given that holds a specified value and if the proposed query cost exceeds this value and...

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2 Tips to Convert Tables and Associated Captions to Pictures in Your Word

In this post, we plan to share with you 2 effective tips to convert tables and associated captions to pictures in your Word. Tables are useful when it comes to a large number of data. They hold numbers in a clear manner for reader access. However, as far as data is involved, there is always the concern over data integrity. There are a couple of ways to prevent others from accessing your tables. Among them is the way to convert tables to pictures. And today, we would like to offer you 2...

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