5 Useful Ways to Insert Large Quotation Marks around a Paragraph in Your Word

In this article, there are 5 useful ways for you to insert large quotation marks around a paragraph text in your Word document. While drafting a Word document, there can be times to quote texts. And these texts need to stand out. Today, we will focus on discussing about 5 distinguished solutions to insert a pair of large quotation marks around the quoted texts. Method 1: Enlarge the Font Size of Quotation Marks The first method occurring to our mind shall be enlarging the font size of...

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How to Easily Load Your Data in an Increment Order in SQL Server

In this article, we will discuss use of lookup transformation, benefits of having different types of panels and management of data in source and destination tables to achieve results incrementally. Loading your data from data sources in a proper incremental manner can be a hurdle.  We can this problem by using lookup transformation component which is useful in loading your data in an increment order. This component performs lookups by joining data in reference data set with the data in...

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3 Smart Ways to Add Page Number X of Y to Your Word Document

In this article, we will show you 3 smart ways to add page number X of Y to your Word document. Now and then, we have to add page numbers to our Word document. And sometimes, we need to insert page number X of Y. Usually, “X” refers to current page number, while “Y” refers to total number of pages in the document. Here are other 2 cases where we may require a page number in such format: Firstly, while working on a thesis, we tend to skip the first 2 or more pages for page...

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