How to Get Warned before Moving a Non-Empty Folder in Your Outlook

If you frequently move folders mistakenly in your Outlook, you must hope to get warned at that time. This article will teach you how to let Outlook alert you before moving a non-empty folder. As we all know, when you delete a folder in your Outlook, you will definitely get a warning asking if you are sure to delete it and move all its items to Deleted Items. Similar to this warning, you may desire that Outlook can also warn you when you move folders in that you frequently move folders by...

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4 Ways to Exclude Numbers in Your Word Document from Word Count Statistics

In today’s article, we will present you 4 effectual ways to exclude numbers in your Word document from word count statistics. Generally, Word counts all types of texts, be they words or numbers. But, now and then, we are likely to do a word count excluding certain elements, such as numbers. Therefore, we are delighted to show you 4 methods to meet such a requirement. Before all, you must take a backup of target document and operate all methods bellow on your copy. Method 1: Delete All...

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How to Handle TEMPDB Space Effectively in Your SQL Server

In this article, we will discuss how to keep an eye on the space occupied by tempdb, avoiding I/O bottleneck by controlling DDL operations and importance of objects and version storage.   A tempdb in SQL Server is a global resource that is used to store user objects, internal objects, temporary objects and procedures. SQL Server provides single tempdb for each of its instances. Successive Data definition and manipulation operations can make tempdb overloaded. Obviously if your tempdb is...

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