How to Use LOG backup to Find Deleted Objects in SQL Server

In this article, we will learn how to use SQL Server Transaction Log backup files and identify  1) Name of objects that were deleted from the database  2) The User who deleted the database objects SQL Server does not support object-level restore. So, to restore the deleted object, you must restore the entire database with different name and then import the deleted object into the original database. Step by Step Step 1: Create a database and add some tables. As it is just a demo,...

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How to Auto Capitalize Each Word in Subject when Composing Your Outlook Email

When composing a new email and filling the subject, you may hope that Outlook is able to auto capitalize each word in subject line. Though Outlook doesn’t have a native feature, you still can get it by the means shared in this article. Perhaps you are accustomed to always capitalizing each word in mail subject line when composing an email. Yet, you may think that the frequent case shifts are too troublesome. Under this circumstance, it’s much more convenient if Outlook can auto...

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How to Quickly Get a List of All Outlook PST Files on Your Local Drive via VBA

If you hope to get a list of all the Outlook PST files stored on a local drive of your PC, you can utilize the piece of VBA code shown in this article. It can allow you to get it in quick time. Maybe you have created and stored many Outlook PST files on a partition of your computer. Yet, with time going on, you may forget the concrete location of these PST files. In this case, you may want to quickly find out them and achieve a list of their information, including name, size and path. In...

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