How to Auto Minimize Outlook Window after Inactive for a Specific Period

Some users wish that Outlook window can be auto minimized as Outlook has been inactive for a specific period of time, such as 5 minutes. With no doubt, Outlook has no such a native feature. But you still can achieve it with the VBA code shown in this article. If your Outlook has been idle for a certain time interval, namely you not making any operations in this period, you may hope that Outlook can be auto minimized to keep other applications running smoothly. Many users have this...

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How to Batch Send All Files in a Windows Folder via Separate Outlook Emails

If you would like to send all files in a Windows folder via individual Outlook emails to someone, you can use the method introduced in this article. It is making use of VBA code, which is quite effective. After reading my previous article – “3 Quick Methods to Attach All Files in a Local Folder to an Outlook Email”, some users want to send all files in a local folder via separate emails. In standard fashion, you should create emails and attach the files one by one. It’s quite...

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How to Deal with “Can’t Append All Records in the Append Query” Error in MS Access

In this article we examine scenarios which generate errors relating to failure to append records in MS Access In MS Access, an append query is used when a user updates some records to an existing table, usually from other sources.  Append query basically selects new records from other sources of data and copies them to the table in database. It is helpful in appending multiple records at once and it also allows the user to refine the selection with certain criteria. Users can review the...

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