How to Quickly Create an Outlook Contact Group from the Email Recipients Voting for a Specific Option

After sending an email with voting options and receiving the recipients’ responses, if you desire to create a contact group from the recipients who vote for a specific option, you can use the method introduced in this article. At times, you may want to quickly create a contact group from the recipients of a voting email as per their voting responses. For instance, you’ve sent an email to many recipients asking if they’re willing to join in a project. So this mail contains two voting...

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How to Hide Report Sections at Run Time in MS Access

Understand how, when and why to hide fields in a report during runtime. MS Access reports provide users with plenty of options and features to play with. A lot of them can be exercised using simple commands or buttons, whereas others can be a bit complicated and might involve use of VBA code. If you are a regular Access user, using the VBA code might not be a challenge for you, but for those who are still trying to figure out how to make the best possible use of the application, VBA might...

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How to Batch Export Multiple Outlook Contact Groups as Word Documents

At times, some users may want to export multiple contact groups as separate Word documents. By the means introduced in this article, it can be achieved in bulk. Outlook doesn’t provide a native function for exporting a contact group as a Word document, not to mention exporting multiple groups. Therefore, if you would like to save many contact groups as separate Word documents in one go, you can use the following way. It is using VBA, which is pretty easy and convenient. Batch Export...

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