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How to Prevent Unintentional Editing on Your Word Document by Locking It

In this article, we will go about the way to lock your Word document so as to safeguard file security. An Alternative Way to Secure Word Files In our day to day office work, one thing we can never get away is to create various Word documents. Yet in an office environment where people come and go, and some people even share one computer, how can you guarantee your file security and prevent it from being accidentally changed by others? Certainly, taking use of password can well protect your...

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2 Methods to Convert Your Word Document to a PowerPoint Presentation

In this article, we will talk about 2 methods to convert your Word document to a PowerPoint presentation. In terms of demonstrating files to a number of people, the PowerPoint comes to our first option. Now here is the situation: You have finished a Word document, but you have to create a PowerPoint presentation with the same content. Then will you start all over again and copy the content from Word file and paste it on the PowerPoint slides? Not convenient, right? Therefore you must grasp...

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2 Methods to Add Digital Signature to Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on showing you 2 methods to add digital signature to your Word document. It’s not uncommon that people choose to use digital signature to prevent others from changing their files. It’s universally known that we can enter password to protect Word file security. Actually, Word, too, allows you to add your own digital signature to your document so as to protect its integrity. Thus our topic today is to discuss the methods to achieve that. Method 1: Add a...

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