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2 Ways to Protect Your Privacy by Auto Deleting Personal Information from Word Document via VBA

In today’s post, we will give you 2 ways to protect your privacy by auto deleting personal information from Word document via VBA. More or less, the document we are working consists of some personal information which might expose your privacy, such as follows: Therefore, you need to take actions against such privacy leak, such as deleting document properties as to remove sensitive data. In one of our previous articles, we’ve shown you the steps to manually remove personal...

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3 Useful Ways to Change a Commented Text in Your Word Document

In this post, we are glad to share with you 3 useful ways to change a commented text in your Word document. It’s common and easy to make revisions by commenting on a selected text. However, there can be times you need to expand or shrink the text selected. For example, you may need to  include or exclude one or more words in the selection. Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to change the commented text while keeping the comment contents the same. Lucky for us, we are able to find...

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2 Quick Ways to Find or Delete Sentences Containing Specific Text in Your Word

In this article, we will offer you 2 quick ways to find or delete sentences containing specific text in your Word. It’s known to all that we can use the “Find and Replace” function in Word to easily find all occurrences of specific words. Then we will have no problem in highlighting, replacing or removing them. As you see, the target is a word or a phrase. Today, however, we are delighted to tell you the macro way to find or delete sentences containing certain text. Method 1: Find or...

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