10 Best MS Word Certifications (2024)

1. Introduction

In a world that is heavily reliant on the digital sphere, proficiency in Microsoft Word has become more than just a desirable skill—it’s nearly a necessity. Whether you’re a student working on a research paper, an employee preparing reports, or a job-seeker aiming to impress potential employers, being adept at Microsoft Word offers a considerable advantage. Yet, how can one adequately demonstrate their mastery of this ubiquitous program? This is where Word certifications come into play.

Word Certification Introduction

1.1 Importance of Word Certification

A Microsoft Word Certification is more than just a paper attesting to your knowledge—it’s a tangible and globally-recognized testament to your skills. It can enhance your employability, boost your productivity, and set you apart from your peers. Word certifications are ideal for anyone seeking to establish and promote their proficiency in utilizing Microsoft Word to its fullest capability.

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1.3 Objectives of this Comparison

The objective of this comparison is to provide a comprehensive overview of various Word certifications available from different providers. The goal is to analyze each option’s pros and cons to equip you with the information needed to make an informed choice. Ultimately, this will help you decide which certification is well-suited to your personal and professional needs.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft offers its official certification program, the MOS Word Expert 2019 certification. This globally-recognized credential is specifically designed for professionals who can create complex Word documents, demonstrate the ability to teach others, and prepare professional communications through tasks such as managing documents, design, layout, track and merge revision versions, creating indexes, and using advanced features like forms and charts.

The Microsoft Official MOS Word Expert 2019 certification focuses on proficiency in advanced functionalities of Word. This certification is ideal for those already skilled in basic Word processes, looking to validate their expertise and increase their reputation in a competitive job market.

Microsoft Word Certification

2.1 Pros

  • Direct from source: As the certification comes directly from Microsoft, the creators of Word, its validity and authenticity are never questioned.
  • Global recognition: Microsoft certifications are recognized worldwide, providing the certificate holder with a competitive edge.
  • Mastering advanced skills: The certification aims to validate the user’s command over advanced-level Word functionalities, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

2.2 Cons

  • Cost: Microsoft’s certifications, while comprehensive, can be more expensive than certifications from other providers.
  • Exclusivity: The certification requires a solid understanding of Word and is restricted to advanced users, making it less accessible to beginners.
  • Exam-oriented: Knowledge gained may be more targeted to exam objectives rather than everyday practical use, unless the certificate holder diligently explores beyond the exam-oriented curriculum.

3. Certiport

Certiport, a Pearson VUE business, provides a wide range of certification exams, including the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification for Microsoft Word. Recognized globally, this certification provides a solid foundation for those beginning to familiarize themselves with the application or wish to showcase their skills in a professional setting.

The Certiport MOS Word Certification is designed to verify an individual’s ability to perform tasks using the Microsoft Word application. In covering essential elements of Word, it serves both as a comprehensive introduction for newcomers and a way for more experienced users to certify their skills.


3.1 Pros

  • Beginner-friendly: The certification covers foundational skills, making it ideal for beginners or those needing to certify their basic-level knowledge.
  • Global Reach: Like the Microsoft certification, Certiport’s offering is globally recognized which gives certificate holders an edge in the job market.
  • Wide Portfolio: In addition to Word, Certiport offers certifications for other programs in the Microsoft Office Suite.

3.2 Cons

  • Entry-level: While perfect for beginners, the certification may not offer as much value to intermediate or advanced Word users.
  • Test Format: The certification’s test format may not accommodate real-world usage of Word as well as more practical-oriented certifications.
  • Cost: Although less expensive than some other options, the cost can still be a barrier for some candidates.

4. NYIM Training

NYIM Training is a reputable provider of business courses that includes their Word Specialist Certification Bundle in their offerings. This certification is aimed at enhancing proficiency with Microsoft Word among those who are preparing for the Microsoft Word Specialist Certification exam.

The NYIM Training Word Specialist Certification Bundle is designed as a comprehensive preparation tool for the Microsoft Word Specialist exam. Through instructor-led hands-on exercises, trainees are exposed to Microsoft Word’s vital features and functions.

NYIM Training

4.1 Pros

  • In-Depth Training: The certification program provides an extensive dive into Microsoft Word’s functionalities, equipping the participant to use the software effectively.
  • Reputation: NYIM Training is a well-reputed name in the industry, vouching for the value and recognition of their certification.
  • Practical Application: The program’s hands-on approach prepares students to apply what they’ve learned in a real-life context.

4.2 Cons

  • Geographic Limitations: Though the training program is robust, its physical location in New York City may limit access for many potential students.
  • Cost: The NYIM Training course comes with a higher price tag, which may be prohibitive for some individuals.
  • Prep Program: This program is specifically a prep course for the Microsoft Word Specialist Certification exam and does not issue an independent certification.

5. StudySection

StudySection offers a Microsoft Word Foundation certification which serves as a good starting point for those unfamiliar with the application or looking to certify their basic knowledge of Word. Exam topics range from creating a basic document to performing more complex operations, such as applying formatting and styles.

The StudySection Microsoft Word Foundation certification is designed to verify an individual’s ability to perform tasks in Microsoft Word. The certification covers a comprehensive range of fundamental Word capabilities and is intended to validate skills applicable to both everyday and professional situations.


5.1 Pros

  • Flexibility: The exam is conducted online, allowing candidates to take it at their convenience from any location.
  • Level-Appropriate: The Foundation level exam makes it suitable for beginners or intermediate users looking to certify their skills.
  • Cost-Effective: The certification comes at a reasonable price, making it affordable for most individuals.

5.2 Cons

  • Unknown Brand: StudySection might not be as internationally recognized or highly esteemed as Microsoft or Certiport’s offerings.
  • Exam-Centered: Although the curriculum covers most Word functionalities, the training is highly exam-focused, potentially limiting the practical applications of the topics studied.
  • Limited Advancement: StudySection does not offer more advanced-level Word certifications, limiting the opportunities for further skill certification development.

6. Etrain Education Private Limited

Etrain Education Private Limited provides exam vouchers for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word Exam, offering budding professionals the opportunity to validate their Word abilities at a competitive cost.

Etrain supports individuals willing to demonstrate their proficiency in Microsoft Word by offering exam vouchers for the MOS Word Exam. As a certified partner of Microsoft, Etrain’s exam vouchers serve as an entryway to gaining Microsoft’s highly sought-after certification.

Etrain Education Private Limited

6.1 Pros

  • Affordability: Etrain offers an affordable avenue towards earning a Microsoft Certification, making it more accessible for individuals with budget constraints.
  • Microsoft Partner: As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Etrain is a trustworthy option for aspiring certification candidates.
  • Convenience: The availability of exam vouchers online simplifies the process and offers convenience for the candidate.

6.2 Cons

  • Limited Offerings: Etrain primarily offers exam vouchers rather than comprehensive training programs, making it less ideal for those requiring more instruction.
  • Lack of Support: The primary value offered is the cost-effective exam voucher, but support in preparation for the exam is minimal.
  • Geographical Limitations: Although they offer online services, some features may not be available or relevant to candidates outside of India.


ONLC Training Centers, a well-established provider of computer training, offer a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Training Package specifically for Microsoft Word. The training package is designed with the aim of helping candidates design and create professional-looking documents using Microsoft Word.

The ONLC’s Word Certification Training package is designed in a manner that’s suitable for individuals of differing proficiency levels in Microsoft Word. From basic concepts to more complex operations, the package offers guidance that could be instrumental to passing the MOS Word certification exam.


7.1 Pros

  • Comprehensive Training: The ONLC package provides in-depth training which could be helpful for individuals with various proficiency levels in Word.
  • Available Support: They offer technical support and additional resources to students, thereby ensuring a smoother learning journey.
  • Flexible Learning: The online nature of the training allows learners to pace themselves according to their personal schedules.

7.2 Cons

  • Cost: The training package comes at a higher price compared to certain other offerings, which could be discouraging for those on a tight budget.
  • Prep Program: The package is essentially a prep program and does not include the certification exam fee.
  • Dependent on Self-Discipline: As with any online course, students must be disciplined and motivated to follow through with their training.

8. Broward College

Broward College offers a Microsoft Word Certification Training course aimed at those seeking to gain an academic edge and improve their job prospects. The institution provides practical experience in Microsoft Word, preparing students for the globally recognized Microsoft Word (MOS) certification exam.

The Microsoft Word Certification Training course at Broward College is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to proficiently use Microsoft Word. It is a comprehensive program that offers extensive training on all key aspects of Microsoft Word, from basic document creation to advanced functionality.

Broward College

8.1 Pros

  • Educational Institution: As a well-known college, Broward brings reputation and credibility to the training program.
  • In-depth Training: The course offers thorough training on Word, covering all crucial components of the software.
  • Hands-on Experience: The course offers practical experience, focusing not just on theory but on the application of the learned concepts.

8.2 Cons

  • Limited Accessibility: The course is campus-based and thereby might not be accessible to people outside the geographic region.
  • Relatively High Cost: As a college-based program, the cost may be on the higher end compared to other available options.
  • Time Commitment: Unlike some online courses, this is a more rigid program which requires attendance and may not be as flexible for individuals with other commitments.

9. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University provides a Microsoft Word Certification Training program aimed at helping people master the core features of Microsoft Word. This course is designed to be comprehensive and allows students to hone the necessary skills required to tackle a variety of word processing challenges.

The Microsoft Word Certification Training from Central Michigan University is a program designed to bridge the gap between a novice and Microsoft Word’s advanced features. The training covers in-depth topics to enable students to create complex Word documents, thereby preparing them for the demands of the modern professional environment.

Central Michigan University

9.1 Pros

  • Institution-Based Certification: CMU’s reputation enhances the credibility of the certificate, providing a boost in employment prospects.
  • Inclusive Package: It includes a voucher for the MOS Word Certification Exam, adding value compared to programs that only provide training.
  • Remote Learning: The program allows for remote learning, providing a high level of convenience and flexibility for students.

9.2 Cons

  • Prep Program: The program is centred around preparing for the MOS Word Certification Exam, and may lack certain real-world applications.
  • Higher Cost: Due to the included exam voucher, the program comes at a relatively high price.
  • Time Commitment: The program spans multiple weeks, requiring a sustained commitment from students.

10. ed2go

ed2go offers a Microsoft Word certification training course in collaboration with several reputable universities. The training is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Word’s advanced features, preparing students for the Microsoft Word 2019 Certification Exam.

The ed2go Microsoft Word Certification training program is an online course designed to equip students with proficiency in every aspect of Microsoft Word. From basic document creation to advanced editing and formatting techniques, the program covers the breadth of Word’s capabilities.


10.1 Pros

  • Can be Taken Anywhere: Due to the online nature of the program, it can be undertaken from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.
  • Inclusive of Exam Voucher: The course’s all-inclusive pricing, which covers the certification exam voucher, offers significant value.
  • Partnerships with Universities: As a partner with many reputable universities, the recognition and value of the certification are enhanced.

10.2 Cons

  • Higher Price: Even though an exam voucher is included, the cost is still on the higher side compared to other programs.
  • Requires Discipline: As with most online courses, learners must be motivated and disciplined to get the most from the program.
  • Pre-exam Focused: The curriculum caters towards preparing for an exam rather than providing practical, hands-on experience.

11. Vskills

Vskills, a certification body under the Government of India, offers a Microsoft Word Certification Course. This certification helps professionals demonstrate their proficiency in using Microsoft Word, as it covers everything from basic features to more complex elements.

The Vskills Microsoft Word Certification Course is targeted at helping professionals validate their abilities in effectively utilising Microsoft Word. The course covers an array of topics, ranging from basics such as document creation to the use of advanced features like macros and custom graphic elements.

11.1 Pros

  • Government Accreditation: As the certification is accredited by the Indian Government, it carries substantial weight and adds to credential validity.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers a wide range of topics which can enhance an individual’s proficiency in Word.
  • Lifetime Access to E-Learning: Once registered, students gain lifetime access to learning material, which can be a valuable resource for future reference.

11.2 Cons

  • Limited International Recognition: Although it is accredited by the Indian Government, its recognition might be lower in countries outside of India.
  • Less Practical Oriented: The curriculum seems more focused on theoretical aspects of Word rather than practical applications.
  • Initial Price: Even though the course offers lifetime access to materials, the initial cost is still relatively high compared to other offerings.

12. Summary

Below is a summary and comparison of the different Word certification options discussed in this review. Note that pricing may vary depending on location and other factors, therefore the listed prices should be taken as approximations. Always verify the latest details from the official provider links.

12.1 Overall Comparison Table

Certification Requirements Price
Microsoft Advanced knowledge of Word functionalities High
Certiport Solid understanding of Word’s functionalities Medium
NYIM Training Preparatory course for the Microsoft Word Specialist exam High
StudySection Basic to intermediate knowledge of Word Low
Etrain Education Private Limited Competency in Microsoft Word for MOS Word Exam Medium
ONLC Basic to advanced proficiency in Word High
Broward College Commitment to a structured college course High
Central Michigan University Commitment to a multi-week course with exam at the end High
ed2go Commitment to an online course with exam at the end High
Vskills Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Word Medium

12.2 Recommended Certification Based on Various Needs

For beginners, Certiport and StudySection offer beginner-friendly certifications. If you’re an advanced user, Microsoft’s certification will validate your skills, while NYIM Training and ONLC offer comprehensive training for all levels. If you’re budget-conscious, StudySection and Etrain Education offer cost-effective solutions. Lastly, for those seeking a reputable institution-based certification, Broward College, Central Michigan University and ed2go’s university-partnered programs may be suitable options.

13. Conclusion

The market for Word certification offers a myriad of options catering to different needs and budgets. From the globally recognized certifications offered by Microsoft and Certiport, to cost-effective solutions like StudySection, and instructional courses provided by NYIM Training, ONLC, and various reputable educational institutions, there’s an option for everyone, regardless of their level of proficiency or budget.

Word Certification Conclusion

13.1 Final Thoughts and Takeaways for Choosing a Word Certification

When choosing a Word certification, it’s essential to consider the depth of training offered, the recognition of the certification, and how the course aligns with your requirements and budget. For beginners, it is advisable to opt for a foundational certification, while advanced users might benefit more from expert level certifications. Moreover, consider the cost versus value proposition offered by each course. Keep in mind that an expensive course isn’t necessarily the best one, and a cheaper one isn’t always lower in quality. Review your options, evaluate your requirements and constraints, and make an informed decision on which Word Certification to pursue.

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