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How to Extract Contents between Two Specific Words from One Word Document to Another

In this article, we will show you the way to extract contents between two specific words from one Word document to another. Now and then, you will have to extract contents between specific words on some occasions. Following are 2 possible cases you can run into: First, in a Word table, for all cells in a column beginning and ending with the same 2 words, you may need to extract just the different middle part, such as bellow:    Second, in some log files with multiple entries, you...

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2 Quick Ways to Change the Type of Section Breaks in Your Word Document

In this article, there will be 2 quick ways for you to change the type of section breaks in your Word document. The most used types of section break in Word are “Next Page” and “Continuous”. To insert the first one means to start a new page for the new section. This divides sections in a clear view. But when it comes to printing, extract papers will be needed. Certainly, it’s not an environment-friendly way. Then you can consider using the “Continuous” break, which can save you...

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3 Methods to Count the Number of Words for Sections in Your Word Document

In this article, there will be 3 methods for you to count the number of words for sections in your Word document. It’s easy to get the total number of words of a document. But there is no function in Word to tell us the number of words of a section. And given to the fact that we prefer to put contents of the same topic in one section, such as organizing a chapter while writing a book, it’s necessary for us to come up with workarounds to get the section count.   Following are 3...

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