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How to Utilize the Excel’s Double Click Event

Processes can be simplified for the user in some circumstances by using the Double_click event. This event can call macros, depending on the cursor position in the spreadsheet, and write the information to a database. To take this article to its natural conclusion will require a database and a knowledge on how to connect to, and update,  it. It is assumed the reader has the Developer ribbon displayed, and is familiar with the VBA Editor. If not, please Google Excel Developer Tab or Excel...

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How to Using Excel to Read and Write an External Database

Excel can do virtually anything; whether it should be made to do everything is another matter. While the spreadsheet is very powerful in manipulating data, it isn’t too great at storing normalised data. Harnessing Excel to a relational database like SQL Server enhances the application’s power. To start with, you will need MS Access or the more stable and free - SQL Server Express. It is assumed that the reader has the Excel Developer ribbon displayed, and is familiar with the VBA Editor...

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How to Auto Move the Tasks Assigned to Others to a Specific Task Folder in Outlook

In general, all the tasks will be placed in the default Outlook task folder, no matter your won tasks or the tasks which you assign to others. This article will introduce how to make Outlook to auto move tasks assigned to others to a specific task folder. Outlook permits us to assign tasks to others. But in the meantime, the tasks that you assign to other people will be saved in your default task folder as well. In this case, if you often need to assign tasks to others, your task folder will...

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