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3 Methods to Forward a Meeting Invitation without Notifying the Organizer

By default, when you forward a meeting invitation, Outlook will automatically send a notification mail to the meeting organizer. If you dislike this, you can follow the 3 simple tricks introduced in this article. As usual, when you intend to forward a received meeting invitation by clicking on “Forward” button on “Home” tab of Mail section, you will receive a reminder that a meeting forward notification will be sent to the meeting organizer. It looks like the following...

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4 Effective Ways to Set Hyphenation for the Texts in Your Word Document

In the bellowing content, there will be 4 ways available for you to set hyphenation for the texts in your Word document. From time to time, we will meet the case where Word automatically generate a line break whenever it determines there is no enough space for the last long word. Consequently, the long word will go to next line, leaving a large space behind the last line. This absolutely looks no good. Luckily, Word has already offered us the “Hyphenation” option. Read on and see how...

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How to Quickly Send a Notification Mail to the Meeting Attendees Who Haven’t Responded

If some attendees haven’t made any responses to your meeting invitation, you must be annoyed. Hence, you may wish to send them a notification mail. This article will tell you a quick way to extract those who haven’t responded and send a mail. Outlook permits users to track the meeting responses. As shown in the following screenshot, after opening the meeting, you can click “Tracking” button and select “View Tracking Status” to display all the response statuses. Then you can...

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