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How to Batch Print Envelopes for Multiple Outlook Contacts via VBA

In general, to print envelopes for many Outlook contacts, you can make use of “Mail Merge” feature and MS Word. But it is too tedious. This article will teach you how to accomplish it just via one click. Actually, in the article “How to Print Envelopes for Multiple Outlook Contacts in Batches”, you can learn a method to bulk print many envelopes. By that means, you have to utilize “Mail Merge”, access MS Word application and select related address blocks and other contact fields....

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2 Methods to Quickly Send Selected Cells in an Excel Worksheet as an Outlook Email

At times, you may want to quickly insert the selected cells in an Excel worksheet to an Outlook email and send out this email. This article will look at this wish to offer you 2 methods. My previous article “2 Quick Methods to Send an Excel Worksheet as an Outlook Email” has taught you how to send a whole Excel worksheet as an email. However, sometimes, you only wish to send the selected cells in a worksheet as an email. In response to this requirement, here we will expose you 2 methods....

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How to Batch Add or Delete Multiple AutoText Entries in Your Word

In this post, we are glad to demonstrate you the way to batch add or delete multiple AutoText entries in your Word. For texts you use frequently, you can use add them to AutoText gallery. So next time you won’t need to manually type all these texts again. Instead, you can find the target text entry and click it. And you will have them inserted into the position where your cursor stays. Now as our topic suggests, we want to show you the method to batch add or delete multiple AutoText...

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