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4 Useful Methods to Find and Replace Text in Part of a Word Document

In this document, we are glad to show you 4 useful methods to find and replace text in part of a Word document. Normally, when we do the “Find and Replace” in Word, the effect is globally. So, today we want to offer you ways to find and replace text in part of a document, such as in a selection, a single page or a specific section. Method 1: Utilize “Find and Replace” Feature in a Selection Firstly, select target text. Secondly, press “Ctrl+ H” to open “Find and...

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How to Quickly Convert from English to Metric Volume and Vice Versa via Word VBA

In this article, we are glad to show you how to quickly convert from English to metric volume and vice versa via Word VBA. Conversion between units from either English to metric or vice versa is frequently encountered in daily life. Therefore, you might consider building a volume converter by following steps in this post. Insert a User Form First and foremost, open VBA editor by pressing “Alt+ F11”. Then click “Insert” tab and choose “UserForm” on the drop-down menu. ...

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How to Auto Print the Attendee List a Few Minutes before an Outlook Meeting Starts

Many users always need to print attendee list when an Outlook meeting is coming up. Thus, in this article, we’ll show a piece of VBA code, which can let Outlook auto accomplish this. Most of time, before a meeting, the organizer must require the attendee list. It is generally used for attendees to sign in. My previous article “How to Extract & Print Meeting Attendee List in Outlook” has introduced 2 ways. But both of them are fairly troublesome. Therefore, here we will expose a...

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