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How to Request Required Attendees Only to Respond to Your Meeting Invitation in Outlook

Some users desire to only request meeting responses from the required attendees when sending an Outlook meeting invitation. This article will teach how to realize it via Outlook VBA. To not request responses when sending meeting invitations, you can just click the “Response Options” button and uncheck the “Request Responses” option. But, by this means, all the attendees, no matter required or optional, will not be required to send their meeting responses. However, in reality, most of...

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How to Auto Set Outlook Online or Offline Based on Your Working Hours

Some users would like to make Outlook to auto switch between online and offline status based on their working hours. So, in this article, we’ll share a quick method with you. Actually, setting Outlook online or offline is very easy. To turn Outlook into offline status, you can just switch to “Send/Receive” tab and press the “Work Offline” button. And to back to online status, simply hit this button again. However, some users hope that Outlook can automatically switch to offline...

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How to Auto Track the Time You Spend on Each Email in Outlook Journal

If you think that you’ve wasted too much time in dealing with the stack of Outlook emails, you may want to get and track the accurate time you spend on each email. In this article, we will teach you to use VBA code to achieve it in Outlook journal. So as to speed up their dealing with the pile of Outlook emails to improve their work efficiency, some users hope to track and record how much time they spend on each email in their Outlook. This requirement demands a timer. Fortunately,...

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