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2 Methods to Copy All Members from One Contact Group to Another in Outlook

This article will introduce 2 approaches to copy all the members from one contact group to another one. You can choose either as per your needs. Many users hope that Outlook can provide a quick means to copy the members from one contact group to another. It can help them to escape from the trouble of adding members one by one manually. Now, in the followings, we’ll share 2 ways. The first one is a workaround, using Outlook native feature. And the latter one is much smarter due to its usage...

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How to Quickly Export the Activities of a Specific Contact to Excel in Your Outlook

In Outlook, contact has a separate “Activities” pane, where you can check all items associated with this contact. You may wish to export these activities. But no such a native function supports it. Thus, this post will introduce you a method to realize it. To check all items related to a specific contact, you can simply access the contact “Activities” page. However, by default, Outlook doesn’t support you to export the activity list. Hence, if you wish to quickly export it, you can...

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How to Display the Members of Contact Group in List via Outlook VBA

In general, to check a contact group’s members, you have to first open it. If you wish to see the contact group members directly in the list without opening it, you could utilize the approach shared in this article. From my previous article – “How to Auto Display the Member Counts in Outlook Contact Groups”, you can learn how to display the count of group members in list. Similar to that, many users hope to directly show the concrete group members in a separate column. Therefore,...

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