3 Fast Ways to Browse by Table in Your Word Document

In this article, we are delighted to share with you 3 fast methods to browse by table in your Word document.

Generally, a Word document contains more than just texts. There are also tables and images, to name just a few. Sometimes, it can be a distraction to have too many objects. For instance, your document includes many a tables, which are the only objects you want to navigate. Will you waste time scrolling up and down to manually position a table?Browse by Table in Your Word Document Lucky for us, there are means in Word to meet such a requirement.

Method 1: Use “Select Browse Object” Command

  1. Before all, press “Ctrl+ Home” to go to the beginning of the document.
  2. Then at the end of the scroll bar, there is a round button called “Select Browse Object”. Click it.
  3. And on the pop up menu, select “Browse by Table”.
  4. The Word shall take you to the first table in the document. Click the “Previous Table” or “Next Table” before or after to jump to desired table.Click "Select Browse Object" Command->Choose "Browse by Table"

Method 2: Use “Go To” Feature

  1. Similarly, press “Ctrl+ Home” to go to the beginning of document.
  2. Next, under “Home” tab, click the drop-down button next “Find” command.
  3. On the menu choose “Go To”.
  4. In the “Find and Replace” box, select “Table”.
  5. You can enter a number to specify a specific table and then click “Go To”.
  6. Use the “Previous” or “Next” to go to another table.Select Table->Enter a Table Number->Click "Go To"

Method 3: Insert Table of Figures

  1. First and foremost, place your insertion pointer at the place where the list goes.
  2. Then click “References” tab in the Ribbon.
  3. And in “Captions” group, click “Insert Table of Figures”.
  4. In the window open, go to “General” section and choose “Table” for caption label.
  5. Next check the “Include label and number” box.
  6. Besides, check “Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers” box.
  7. Then click “OK” to save changes.Click "References"->Click "Insert table of Figures"->Set Settings->Click "OK"

You will get a list of tables. Follow “Ctrl+ Click” to go to the table you want to navigate. Here is what you will get:Insert a Table of Figures

Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Method 1: Use “Select Browse Object” Command The quickest way You can’t search for a specific table and go to it quickly.
Method 2: Use “Go To” Feature You can enter a table number to jump to it quickly. You can search for table number but not the name.
Method 3: Insert Table of Figures You get a list of tables and can jump to a specific table, following the hyperlink. You will have to go back to the list table manually.


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