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How to Quickly Attach the Specific Pages of a Word Document to an Outlook Email

MS Word has a direct feature supporting users to send the current Word document as an email attachment. But sometimes, you may only hope to attach the specific pages of a Word document to an Outlook email. Now, this article will share you a method. To send an entire Word document as email attachment in MS Word application, you can simply go to “File” menu and shift to “Save & Send” tab, under which you can find a “Send as Attachment” button. Yet, at times, what you want to...

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How to Run Descriptive Statistics in MS Access

Descriptive statistics in MS Access have a significant role when you are dealing with large volumes of data. Access is an application that is used for storing large amounts of data, not just for the sake of record keeping and compilation, but also for analysis, comparison, and a lot more. There is a lot that this application is equipped with, thus providing you with features to perform all the above mentioned operations with ease. Apart from performing these operations, there is also a lot...

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How to Auto Set an Email’s Sensitivity Based on Its Recipients in Your Outlook

Outlook allows users to mark email as normal, private, personal or confidential at will. Some users would like to auto set an email’s sensitivity based on its recipients. So, in this article, we will share a method to realize it. By setting email’s sensitivity, you’re actually suggesting the recipients about how to deal with the email contents. For instance, marking email as “Confidential”, the recipients will get a prompt in the InfoBar – “Please treat this as Confidential”....

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