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How to Quickly Export Color Category Lists of All Outlook Mailboxes to Excel

Maybe you have more than one email account configured in your Outlook and each mailbox has different color categories. If you want to export the color category lists of all mailboxes to Excel, you can utilize the approach introduced in this article. For instance, you want to share your color categories with someone else or you want to compare the color categories of different mailboxes. In this scenario, you will hope to export the color category lists of your mailboxes. Here, we will teach...

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How to Effectively Add Notes to Outlook Emails via VBA & UserForm

At times, you may hope to edit or add notes to you emails in Outlook. This article will introduce you an effective way to achieve this function. From "4 Easy Methods to Insert a Note into Your Outlook Messages", you can learn to insert notes into mails via Outlook native functions, such as using custom flags, typing note in subject or body, or attaching existing note items to this email. Yet, all of them are just workarounds. Here, we'll teach you a much more effective method. Via it, you...

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2 Quick Ways to Send a Second Email Only to the BCC Recipients of an Outlook Email

You send an email to several recipients and put some of them in "BCC" field. Later, if you would like to send a second mail to the BCC recipients only, you can utilize the means shared in this article. Have you ever sent any Outlook emails to several recipients with some in "BCC" field? At times, after sending such an email, you may want to send a second one to a specific type of recipients, such as BCC recipients. For instance, you want to send them some particular additional notes. Now, we...

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