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How to Auto Archive Expired Items when Your Outlook File Is Larger Than a Specific Size

You may wish Outlook to auto archive expired items when your Outlook data file exceeds a specific size limit. Though there is not such a native feature, you still can get it by the means introduced in this post. As we all know, the larger Outlook file is, the more vulnerable the file will be. So, it is necessary for you to always keep your Outlook file in small size. For instance, you can use the following method to auto archive expired items when Outlook file is larger than a specific...

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How to Batch Delete All Exceptional Occurrences of a Recurring Outlook Appointment

If you want to quickly find all exceptional occurrences of a recurring appointment and delete them in batches, you can use the method introduced in this article. After you create a recurring appointment, you may modify some of its occurrences. For example, you removed the reminders of the weekend occurrences, etc. In this situation, if later you think these exceptional occurrences are useless, you may be eager to delete them. Then, you can apply the approach shared thereinafter. It allows...

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How to Designing a Resolution Independent Access Application

Through this article, users can learn an effective way to create their own resolution Independent Access Application and its importance. Unfortunately, MS Access doesn’t come with a default function that can help users adjust their Access application forms that can fit into any screen resolution. The users are therefore left with no option but to build an independent resolution app for their Access form requirements. There are multiple options using which a user can design a reasonable...

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