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How to Display the Members of Contact Group in List via Outlook VBA

In general, to check a contact group’s members, you have to first open it. If you wish to see the contact group members directly in the list without opening it, you could utilize the approach shared in this article. From my previous article – “How to Auto Display the Member Counts in Outlook Contact Groups”, you can learn how to display the count of group members in list. Similar to that, many users hope to directly show the concrete group members in a separate column. Therefore,...

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How to Auto Update the Associated Group Member when Changing a Contact’s Email Address in Outlook

By default, when you modify a contact’ email address, the email address of the contact group member corresponding to this contact won’t change accordingly. So, this post will share a way to realize “auto update member” with utmost ease. The main reason why you change a contact’s email address is generally that the original email address is not useful any longer. Thus, when you change a contact’s email address, you had better modify the email address of corresponding contact group...

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How to Batch Expand All Contact Groups in “To” Field when Composing an Outlook Email

Many users long for a method, which can enable them to expand all contact groups in “To” field in bulk when composing an Outlook email. Therefore, in this post, we’ll share you such an approach. Usually, to expand a contact group in “To” field, you can click the “+” icon in front of the group name. However, by this means, if there are many contact groups in “To” field and if you want to expand all of them, it is a bit tedious. Thus, here we’ll share you a way to quickly...

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