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How to Sort Cells by Cell Colors in Your Excel Worksheet

You will use different colors for different cells according to the values in those cells. And here we will introduce the method to sort cells by cell colors in your Excel worksheet. In an Excel worksheet, you will certainly use different colors to mark different cells. And the Excel worksheet may be similar to the image below. Several days ago, you have used different colors for different cells. And now you need to sort this column by the cell colors. And the steps below will show you...

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How to Combine Column Chart and Line Chart in One Chart in Your Excel

Sometimes you need to show different data sets in a chart, and the chart types also need to be different. Hence, in this article, you can learn how to combine column chart and line chart in one chart. Column chart and line chart are two different chart types in Excel. But sometimes you need to use these two types in one chart. For example, you need to show the data of sales volume in column chart. At the same time, you want to display the monthly sales growth in line chart in the same...

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How to Create a Dynamic Line Chart with Checkboxes in Your Excel Worksheet

If the line chart in Excel will refer to a lot of data and information, this chart will totally be in a mess. Hence, you can use the checkboxes to create a dynamic line chart in your Excel worksheet. Sometimes you will analyze a lot of data and information by just one line chart. However, all the information in one chart will interfere with your analysis. The image below shows a line chart that contains all the information. The effect of this line chart is actually very terrible. Thus,...

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