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3 Quick Methods to Know the Arguments of a Function in Your Excel

Excel has provided you with many practical functions. And in this article, we will introduce three methods to help you quickly know the function arguments. You will probably have met with such a condition: When you are working in Excel and you need to use a certain function. You cannot remember the detail function arguments. However, at this moment, you cannot connect to the Internet and search for this function. The result is that you will spend even more time to finish this task or you...

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3 Quick Methods to Insert Current Date and Time into Your Excel Worksheet

When you are working on your Excel file, you will probably have a need to note down the current date and time. Therefore, here we will discuss about 3 methods to achieve this task. Knowing when you have modified a file is very important for you to track changes. Thus, sometimes you will insert the current date and time into a worksheet to make a mark. Instead of manually inserting date and time into cells, you can also use the three methods in this article. And in the coming passage, we...

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How to Manage the Trusted Locations for Your Excel

You can save some macro-enabled workbooks in the trusted locations. Therefore, those macros will always be available. And in this article, we will show you how to manage the trusted locations in Excel. In our previous article How to Enable and Disable Macros in Your Excel, we have introduced the macro settings in detail. You can also refer to it to have a deep understanding about the macro settings. When you choose the option “Disable all macros without notification”, you will not be...

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