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2 Methods to Hide or Show Specific Lines in a Line Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

When there are many data series in a worksheet, the corresponding line chart will also be in a mess. In order to make the chart clearer, we have the two methods in this article. The line chart in Excel can show data and information better. But with many lines in one chart, you will find it hard to check certain lines. In our previous article How to Create a Dynamic Line Chart with Checkboxes in Your Excel Worksheet, we have introduced a method to make the line chart better. And here we have...

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How to Auto Update the Sorted Range via VBA in Your Excel Worksheet

The custom sort in Excel is a very useful feature. In this article, we will talk about how to automatically update custom sort in a range by using the Excel VBA. When you use the custom sort, you will find that this is an amazing feature in Excel. However, if you use this feature frequently, you may also find a problem. You will sort in a range with certain data and information. When you add additional data and information into the range, the order in the range will not change...

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How to Prevent Your Excel Workbook from being Moved or Copied

Data theft can be minimised by disabling various menu and right-click features in Excel. We discuss below how to do this using VBA. It is assumed the reader has the Excel Developer ribbon displayed, and is familiar with the VBA Editor. The User Interface Build a worksheet with two buttons and a little data.  This sheet will have its ribbon displayed, and all the right_click functionality that Excel affords. The sheet is available here. The VBA Code There are a variety of...

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