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2 Methods to Find and Select Cells with the Same Format in Your Excel Worksheet

In your Excel worksheet, you will format cells that meet certain criteria. When you need to select cells, you will spend a lot of time. Here we will introduce two effective methods for you to find and select those cells. Sometimes you need to select cells with the same format and then finish some tasks. For example, you need to change the format or delete the format for those cells. However, in most cases, those cells will be separated in different places. Therefore, you will find it hard to...

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How to Find Missing Items in a Column with Consecutive Numbers in Excel Worksheet

When you are working on an Excel file, it is unavoidable to lose some data and information. In this article, we will show you 3 methods to find the missing items in a column with consecutive numbers. Usually in your Excel worksheet, there will be a column with consecutive numbers. However, some reasons will cause some data to be lost, such as copying and pasting, or you forget to collect a sales representative’s information. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check the worksheet in...

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2 Methods to Find the Largest or Smallest N Items in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to find the largest N items or the smallest N items in a range in your worksheet. Here we will provide two effective methods for you. Finding the largest N items or the smallest N items in a range is a very ordinary task in your work. In our previous article How to Highlight the Top or Bottom N Items by Conditional Formatting in Excel, we have introduced the methods of using conditional formatting. And in the following part, we will discuss about the two other methods in...

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