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2 Effective Methods to Fill Your Excel Worksheet with Gradient Color

If you can use gradient color in your work, you are sure to improve your work efficiency. In this article, we will introduce two methods to fill your worksheet with gradient color. It is very easy for you to fill a cell or a range with a certain color. Besides, you can also fill gradient color in a cell. However, there is no direct way in Excel to fill a range with gradient color. Now we have found two methods to finish this task. Method 1: Insert Background In this method, you can insert...

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2 Useful Tips to Use Formula More Efficiently in Your Excel

You will certainly use formulas in Excel worksheets to help your work. And today we will introduce two useful formula tips for you to use formula more efficiently in your excel. When you need to use Excel formulas frequently, you’d better know some tips. Mastering those tips can help you improve your work efficiency. In the following two parts, we will introduce two useful formula tips. Tip 1: Use F4 Button In a formula, you all know that you need to choose the absolute reference or the...

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2 Methods to Copy the List of All File Names in a Folder into Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you will need to list all the file names in a folder in an Excel worksheet. Thus, you can better manage those files. In this article, we will introduce two effective methods to copy the list in a folder. In an Excel worksheet, you can make a menu of some important files. And you need to copy the list of all the file names into one worksheet. However, when there are hundreds or thousands of files, you will find it hard to do this. In the image below, you can see several...

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