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The Difference between Excel Built-in ROUND Function and VBA ROUND Function

Excel functions can help you a lot in your work. In this article, we will discuss about the difference between the built-in ROUND function and the VBA ROUND function. You will certainly have used the ROUND function in your Excel. If you also use VBA to finish some tasks, you may also have used the ROUND function in codes. However, the built-in ROUND functions in worksheet and in VBA codes work differently. Below we will show you how they work differently. Built-in ROUND Function In this...

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2 Effective Methods to Extract Numbers from Your Excel Cells

In an Excel worksheet, you may need to extract numbers from values in cells. And in this article, we will introduce you two methods to extract numbers from Excel cells. There are many cases that both numbers and texts are in same cells. In order to better analyze those values, you will need to extract the numbers and texts. The image below shows such an example. In column A, there are the ID and the name of products. Now you need to input the product ID into column B in the worksheet. And...

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How to Remove the Space Characters in the Penultimate Positions in Excel Cells

In the process of copying and pasting, there will sometimes be space characters in cells. In this article, we will show you an example of the space characters in the penultimate positions. When you are working on an Excel worksheet, you will sometimes meet with problems. One of the problems is that there will be additional space characters in cells. You will certainly need to remove those useless spaces. If you remove spaces one by one, you will spend a lot of time and energy. But on the...

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