Data Recovery

5 Ways to Improve Chances of Recovering Your Lost Files

This article shares some helpful nuggets of wisdom that will help you and your business to boost your chances of recovering lost data. Did you suffer a data loss and worry that you may never relive your cherished memories or see those critical documents? Don’t worry. You still can recover your files. But before adopting any data recovery solution, take the following measures to increase your chances of success.  1. Anticipate and plan for data recovery You might have heard...

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How to Recover Corrupt MS Excel Files

In this article, you will learn how you can easily spot a data loss related issue on your MS Excel files, and find helpful tips for recovering your corrupt MS Excel files. Statistics show that MS Excel is the most popular spreadsheet with more than 750 million users. If you are like any other user, you prefer MS Excel to other spreadsheets because of its flexibility, computational power, affordability, and ease of use. These features allow businesses to develop applications that automate...

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The Importance of Data Recovery

Data loss is a common problem that can be easily solved by data recovery programs. Having a data recovery program on your computer can prevent data loss for various cases. Computers are not foolproof. Data stored on your hard drive or even in your external storage devices such as flash drives may be corrupted, damaged, or lost. To prevent this, it’s wise to invest in some data recovery software in advance. Data recovery allows you to retrieve your data from a damaged...

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