Data Recovery

5 Ways to Deal with Common DWG File Loss Scenarios

Learn how you can protect your DWG files from damage and 5 ways to handle different scenarios related to DWG files loss.  If you are a drafter, engineer, or an architect, you know the effort that goes to creating designs using CAD. Losing your DWG files in the middle of designing a complex project can be very frustrating. To protect yourself against such, you need to know the key steps to take to prevent your files from getting corrupted. First, avoid using an outdated version...

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What to Look for In an Email Recovery Tool

This article will make your search for an email recovery tool easier, by highlighting 4 key aspects to consider when comparing different email recovery solutions. Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool that allows you to handle your emails on your computer with ease. It also allows you to manage your work by scheduling events on the calendar. This application provides businesses with a convenient way for their employees to access their personalized company emails. Just like any other...

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A Quick Guide to Recover Corrupt Archived Files

This piece highlights some infallible tips that you should keep in mind when recovering corrupt archived files whether you are using command prompt or expert tools. Proper document archival is a critical part of information management for businesses. This is because it helps companies prevent data loss and restrict access to information to the right people. It also helps businesses meet regulatory requirements such as audits and mandatory data retention timelines. Archival tools use various...

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